Steering Column/Tilt Lever Inspection/Adjustment


1.Move the tilt lever (A) from the loose position to the lock position three to five times; then measure the tilt lever preload 10 mm (0.4 in.) from the end of the tilt lever.

Preload: 70-90 N (7-9 kgf, 15-20 lbf) 


2.If the measurement is out of the specification, adjust the preload using the following procedures.

  • Loosen the tilt lever, and set the steering column in the neutral position.
  • Remove the 6 mm lock bolt (B), and remove the stop (C). Be careful not to loosen the tilt lever when installing the stop or tightening the 6 mm lock bolt.
  • Adjust the preload by turning the tilt lock bolt (D) left or right.
  • Pull up the tilt lever to the uppermost position, and install the stop. Check the preload again. If the measurement is still out of specification, repeat the above procedures to adjust.