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Engine Compression Inspection

NOTE: After this inspection, you must reset the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM), otherwise the ECM/PCM will continue to stop the injectors from functioning. Select ECM/PCM reset using the Honda Diagnostic System (HDS).
  1. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature (cooling fan comes on).
  1. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0).
  1. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).
  1. Select PGM-FI, INSPECTION, then ALL INJECTORS STOP function on the HDS.
  1. Remove the four spark plugs.
  1. Attach the compression gauge to the spark plug hole.
  1. Open the throttle fully, then crank the engine with the starter motor and measure the compression.
    Compression Pressure:
    Above 980 kPa (10.0 kgf/cm 2 , 142 psi)

  1. Measure the compression on the remaining cylinders.
    Maximum Variation:
    Within 200 kPa (2.0 kgf/cm 2 , 28 psi)

  1. If the compression is not within specifications, check the following items, then remeasure the compression.
    • Damaged or worn valves and seats
    • Damaged cylinder head gasket
    • Damaged or worn piston rings
    • Damaged or worn piston and cylinder bore
  1. Select ECM/PCM reset to cancel the ALL INJECTORS STOP function on the HDS.