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Camshaft Sprocket Removal

NOTE: Keep the cam chain away from magnetic fields.
  1. Make a reference mark (A) across the camshaft sprocket and cam chain.

  1. Apply new engine oil to the slider surface of the cam chain tensioner slider through the oil return hole in the cylinder head.

  1. Remove the cylinder head plug.

  1. Hold the crankshaft pulley and set the socket wrench (A) on the camshaft sprocket bolt.
  1. Remove the maintenance bolt (B), and turn the camshaft clockwise to compress the cam chain tensioner, then install the 6 x 1.0 mm bolt (C) in the bolt hole (D) on the engine block through the maintenance hole and cam chain tensioner (E).
    • Turning torque should not exceed 56 N·m (5.7 kgf·m, 41 lbf·ft), when turning the camshaft.
    • Do not turn the camshaft counterclockwise.

  1. Hold the camshaft with a 27 mm open-end wrench, then remove the camshaft sprocket.
    NOTE: Hang the cam chain with a wire.