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Cylinder Head Valve, Spring, and Valve Seal Installation

Special Tools Required

Stem seal driver

Valve spring compressor
  1. Coat the valve stems with new engine oil. Install the valves in the valve guides.
  1. Check that the valves move up and down smoothly.
  1. Install the spring seats on the cylinder head.
  1. Install the new valve seals (A) using the valve guide seal installer (B).
    NOTE: The exhaust valve seal (C) has a black spring (D), and the intake valve seal (E) has a white spring (F). They are not interchangeable.
  1. Install the valve spring. Place the end of the valve spring with closely wound coils toward the cylinder head.
  1. Install the valve retainer.

  1. Install the valve spring compressor. Compress the spring, and install the valve cotters.

  1. Lightly tap the end of each valve stem three times with a plastic mallet (A) to ensure proper seating of the valve and valve cotters. Tap the valve stem only along its axis so you do not bend the stem.