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Cylinder Head Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance Inspection

  1. Subtract the O.D. of the valve stem, measured with a micrometer, from the I.D. of the valve guide, measured with an inside micrometer or ball gauge.
    Take the measurements in three places along the valve stem and three places inside the valve guide.
    The difference between the largest guide measurement and the smallest stem measurement should not exceed the service limit.

    Intake Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance

    Standard (New):
    0.020−0.050 mm (0.0008−0.0020 in.)
    Service Limit:
    0.08 mm (0.003 in.)

    Exhaust Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance

    Standard (New):
    0.050−0.080 mm (0.0020−0.0031 in.)
    Service Limit:
    0.11 mm (0.004 in.)