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Engine Oil Pan Installation

  1. Remove any old liquid gasket from the oil pan mating surfaces, bolts and bolt holes.
  1. Clean and dry the oil pan mating surfaces.
  1. Install the new oil pan gasket (A), new O-ring (B), and dowel pins (C) on the oil pan.

  1. Apply liquid gasket (P/N 08C70-K0234M, 08C70-K0334M, or 08C70-X0331S) to the engine block mating surface of the oil pan and to the inner threads of the bolt holes.
    • Apply liquid gasket about 2.5 mm (0.098 in.) diameter bead along the broken line (A).
    • Apply liquid gasket about 5.0 mm (0.20 in.) diameter bead to the shaded area (B).
    • Do not install components if 5 minutes or more have passed after applying the liquid gasket. Instead, remove the old residue and reapply the liquid gasket.

  1. Install the oil pan.
    • Wait at least 30 minutes before filling the engine with oil.
    • Do not run the engine for at least 3 hours after installing the oil pan.

  1. Tighten the bolts in three steps. Wipe off the excess liquid gasket on the each side of crankshaft pulley and the flywheel/drive plate.

    Specified torque

    24 N·m (2.4 kgf·m, 17 lbf·ft)
    12 N·m (1.2 kgf·m, 8.8 lbf·ft)

  1. Install the clutch cover/torque converter cover (A), and install the transmission mounting bolts (B).
M/T model
A/T model

  1. Connect the CKP sensor connector (A), then install the CKP sensor cover (B).

  1. Install the dipstick tube (A) with new O-ring (B), then install the dipstick.
  1. If the engine is still in the vehicle, do Step 12 through 16.

  1. A/T model: Install the shift cable cover.