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Starter Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the coolant reservoir.

  1. Remove the dipstick, then remove the dipstick tube (A).
  1. Disconnect the oil pressure switch connector (B).

  1. Disconnect the starter cable (A) from the B terminal and disconnect the connector (B) from the S terminal, then remove the starter.
  1. Remove the two bolts securing the starter, then remove the starter.

  1. Install the starter to the engine. Connect the starter cable (A) and connector (B). Make sure the starter cable crimped side of the ring terminal faces away from the starter when you connect it.

  1. Install the dipstick tube (A) with new O-ring (B).
  1. Connect the oil pressure switch connector (C).

  1. Install the coolant reservoir.
  1. Start the engine to make sure the starter works properly.