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Front Lower Arm Ball Joint Inspection

When inspecting the ball joint, the vehicle will be shake strongly. Make sure support the front jacking bracket correctly with the suitable jack.
  1. Remove the front wheel.
  1. Check all bolts, nuts, and bushings on the suspension components, and make sure that there are not looseness, deterioration, and damage.
  1. Hold the outside of lower arm (A) with your hands, and move it up and down to check for abnormal noise or wobbling.
    • If the ball joint is abnormal, replace the lower arm.
    • A problem on the ball joint may be caused by an abnormal clearance (B).

  1. Check the ball joint boot (A) for weakness, damage, cracks, and inner boot grease leaks.
  1. Install the front wheel.
    NOTE: Before installing the wheel, clean the mating surfaces of the brake disc and the inside of the wheel.