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Ball Joint Boot Inspection/Replacement

Special Tools Required

Inner bearing driver attachment, 40 mm
  1. Check the ball joint boot for weakness, damage, cracks, and inner boot grease leaks.
    • If the ball joint boot is damaged with grease leaks, replace the lower arm.
    • If the ball joint boot is weakness and cracks without grease leaks, go to Step 2 . Replace the ball joint boot.
  1. Remove the boot.
  1. Pack the interior and lip (A) of a new boot with grease. Keep the grease off of the boot-to-lower arm mating surfaces (B).
  1. Wipe the grease off the tapered portion of the ball joint pin (C), and pack fresh grease into the base (D). Do not let dirt or other foreign materials get into the boot.
  1. Install the boot on the ball joint, then squeeze it gently to force out any air.

  1. Press the boot with the inner bearing driver attachment until the bottom seats (A) on the lower arm all the way around.
  1. After installing a boot, wipe any grease off the exposed portion of the ball joint pin.