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Intermediate Shaft Reassembly

Exploded View
Special Tools Required

Oil seal driver, 65 mm

Bearing driver attachment, 52 x 55 mm

Inner bearing driver attachment, 35 mm

Driver handle, 15 x 135L
NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View, as needed, during this procedure.
  1. Clean the disassembled parts with solvent, and dry them with compressed air.
    NOTE: Do not wash the rubber parts with solvent.
  1. Press a new intermediate shaft bearing (A) into the bearing support (B) using the 52 x 55 mm bearing driver attachment (C), the 15 x 135L driver handle (D), and a press.

  1. Install the internal snap ring (A) into the groove (B) of the bearing support.

  1. Press the intermediate shaft (A) into the new shaft bearing (B) using the 35 mm inner bearing driver attachment (C) and a press.

  1. Install the external snap ring (A) in the groove of the intermediate shaft (B).

  1. Install a new outer seal (A) into the bearing support (B) using the 65 mm oil seal driver (C), and a press. Press the seal until it is 0±0.2 mm (0±0.08 in.) below the surface of the bearing support end.