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Steering Tie-rod Ball Joint Boot Replacement

Special Tools Required

Driver, 32.5 mm
  1. Remove the tie-rod end from the rack end.
  1. Remove the tie-rod ball joint boot from the tie-rod end, and wipe the old grease off the ball pin.
  1. Pack the lower area of the ball pin (A) with fresh multipurpose grease.
  1. Pack the interior of the new tie-rod ball joint boot (B) and lip (C) with fresh multipurpose grease.
    Note these items when installing new grease:
    • Keep grease off the boot mounting area (D) and the tapered section (E) of the ball pin.
    • Do not allow dust, dirt, or other foreign materials to enter the boot.

  1. Install the new tie-rod ball joint boot (A) using the inner bearing driver attachment. The boot must not have a gap at the boot installation sections (B). After installing the boot, check the ball pin tapered section for grease contamination, and wipe it if necessary.
  1. Install the tie-rod end to the rack end.