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Side Airbag Replacement

  1. Do the battery terminal disconnection procedure, then wait for 3 minutes before starting work.
  1. Release the rear hooks (A) from seat-back frame (B).
  1. Remove the mounting nut (C) and the side airbag (D).

  • If the side airbag lid is secured with tape, remove the tape.
  • Do not open the lid on the side airbag cover.
  • Use new mounting nut tightened to the specified torque.
  • Make sure that the seat-back cover/pad is installed properly. Improper installation may prevent proper deployment.
  • Be sure to install the harness so that they are not pinched or interfering with other parts.
  1. Place the side airbag (A) on the seat-back frame. Torque the new side airbag mounting nut (B).
  1. Install the rear hooks (C) in the seat-back frame (D).
  1. Install the front seat assembly. then connect the floor wire harness 2P connector.
  1. Move the front seat and the seat-back through their full ranges of movement, making sure the harness are not pinched or interfering with other parts.
  1. After installing the side airbag, confirm proper system operation: Turn the ignition switch to ON (II); the SRS indicator should come on for about 6 seconds and then go off.