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SRS Unit Replacement

  1. Do the battery terminal disconnection procedure, then wait for 3 minutes before starting work.
  1. Disconnect SRS unit connectors A (39P) and B (39P) from the SRS unit.
  1. Remove the TORX bolts (C) using a TORX T30 bit, then pull out the SRS unit.

  1. Install the SRS unit (A) with a new TORX bolts (B), then connect the connectors (C) to the SRS unit; push them into position until they click.
    NOTE: Be sure the SRS unit is sitting squarely against it's bracket before torquing the TORX bolts.
  1. Confirm proper SRS operation: Turn the ignition switch to ON (II); the SRS indicator should come on for about 6 seconds and then go off.
  1. Reinstall all removed parts.