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Fuel Fill Door/Adapter Replacement

NOTE: Take care not to scratch the body.
  1. Remove the fuel cap (A) by turning it counterclockwise, and remove the screw.

  1. Pull the fuel fill door/adapter lip (A) out from the fuel fill pipe (B).

  1. While pulling the fuel fill door/adapter (A), turn the fuel fill door/adapter 90 ° clockwise with the fuel fill door partly opened.

  1. Remove the fuel fill door/adapter (A).
    Pull the lower portion of the fuel fill door/adapter out.
    Pull the portion (B) of the hinge out from inside the body.
    If necessary, release the hooks (C), then remove the fuel fill door push lifter (D) from the fuel fill door/adapter.

  1. If necessary, pull out the fuel fill adapter grommet (A) and the fuel fill adapter packing (B) from the rod (C).
    NOTE: When reinstalling the packing, be sure the arrow mark (D) on the packing is the upper side of the packing.

  1. If necessary, remove the fuel fill door actuator (A).
    Disconnect the actuator connector (B), and loosen the screws (C), then remove the actuator.

  1. Install the fuel fill door/adapter in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • Apply multipurpose grease to the sliding surfaces (A) of the fuel fill adapter grommet (B) where shown.
    • Make sure the adapter lip (C) is fully seated on the fuel fill pipe (D).