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Side Sill Panel Replacement

For Some Models
  1. Remove the side sill panel (A).
    On the back of the front wheel arch, remove the clips (B).
    Remove the expansion clips (C).
    Slide the side sill panel forward, and remove it. The side clips (D, E, F) will stay in the body.
    Remove the side clips (D, E) from the body by turning them 45 °.
    If necessary, use a utility knife to cut the double-sided adhesive tape (G) that holds the side clips (F) to the body. Take care not to scratch the body.
  1. Check if the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, and if necessary, replace them with new ones.
  1. If the side clips (F) will be reinstalled, remove any remaining double-sided adhesive tape from the side clips, then clean the side clip surfaces with a sponge dampened in isopropyl alcohol where new double-sided will be attached. Apply primer to the side clips, then attach new double-sided adhesive tape.
  1. Clean the body surface with a sponge dampened in isopropyl alcohol where adhesive tape will be attached.

  1. Install the side clips (A, B, C) on the side sill panel (D).
  1. Hold the panel up, and fit all the side clips into the holes in the body. Push on the panel until the clips snap into place, and press the adhesive tape into place.
  1. Install the expansion clips (E).
  1. Install the clips (F) on the back of the front wheel arch.