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Dashboard Center Lower Cover Removal/Installation

  • Take care not to scratch the dashboard and its related parts.
  • When removing components, use the trim tools or equivalent.
  • RHD model is shown; LHD model is symmetrical.
  1. While holding the glove box (A), release the glove box stops (B) on each side from the dashboard by pushing them in, then lower the glove box.

  1. Remove the center lower cover (A).
    Insert a hand through the opening of the glove box and push the back side of the cover, and release the clips.
    Release the panel from the hooks (B) and remove it.
  1. Install the cover in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • Check if the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, and if necessary, replace them with new ones.
    • Push the clips and the hooks into place securely.