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Dashboard Center Panel Removal/Installation

Without Audio System
  • When removing components, use the trim tool or equivalent.
  • Take care not to scratch the dashboard and related parts.
  1. Open the passenger's tray lid.
  1. Remove the center panel (A).
    While carefully lifting the panel with the appropriate trim tool, insert the trim tool into the gap (B) between the dashboard and the panel.
    Use the trim tool to gently pry the panel up partially to release the clips (C, D), then pull the panel up to remove the panel.
    Disconnect the hazard warning switch connector (E).
  1. Install the panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    • Check if the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, and if necessary, replace them with new ones.
    • Push the clips into place securely.
    • Make sure each connector is plugged in properly.