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Power Mirror Actuator Replacement

  1. Remove the power mirror holder, and the power mirror.
  1. Remove the two screws (A) and the side turn signal light (B) from the housing (C).
  1. Disconnect the 2P connector (D) from the side turn signal light.
  1. Record the power mirror connector terminals location and the wire harness colors.

  1. Disassemble the power mirror connector (A), and remove the terminals (B) from the connector.

  1. Remove the gasket (A) and cover (B).
  1. Remove the three screws, and separate the mirror housing (C) from the bracket (D).

  1. Remove the three screws and the power mirror actuator (A) from the housing (B).

  1. Remove the four screws, and separate the power mirror actuator (A) and the retract actuator (B).

  1. Route the wire harness of the new actuator through the hole in the bracket and gasket, then install the parts in the reverse order of removal.
  1. Insert the new actuator terminals into the connector in the original arrangement.

  1. Apply tapes (A), (B) to seal the wire harness.
  1. Reinstall the mirror assembly on the door.
  1. Operate the power mirror to ensure smooth operation.