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Rear Seat Disassembly/Reassembly

  • When removing components, use the trim tools or equivalent.
  • Take care not to tear the seams or damage the seat covers.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  • The left rear seat is shown, the right rear seat is similar.
Seat-back cover removal
  1. Remove the head restraints.
  1. Remove the screw, then remove the recline upper cover (A).

  1. Remove the center cover (A).
    Using a trim tool, and release the upper hooks (B) of the cover.
    Release the lower hook (C) of the cover, then remove the center cover.
    NOTE: When installing the center cover, insert the upper portion (D) of the cover into the seat cushion cover (E) securely.

  1. Remove the bolts and nut, then separate the rear seat-back (A) and the rear seat cushion (B).
  1. If necessary, remove the bushing (C) and pivot washer (D).
  1. Reassemble the seat-back and seat cushion in reverse order of disassembly, and note these items:
    • Apply medium strength type liquid thread lock to the bolts before reinstallation.
    • Apply multipurpose grease to the moving portions of the recline adjusters.
    • Replace any damaged or stress-whitened bushing and pivot washer with new ones.
    • Make sure the bushing and pivot washer are installed correctly.