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Precautions for High-tension Steel Parts Area Repair

  • The new high-tension steel parts of the frame are all spot welded together. In order to disassemble, drill a hole in the sections that are spot welded together with a very sharp spot weld bit.
  • The new high-tension steel sheet is more rigid than previous steel sheets, making it difficult to strengthen. When an automobile's frame is partially constructed with the new high-tension steel sheet, it should be strengthened using an accurate frame straightening system. Inspect the body and frame once the repair is complete for stress-related damage to the sections that are not made from the new high-tension steel.
  • High-tension steel has more memory than normal steel, and it is necessary to monitor the body dimensions closely during the straightening process.
  • Spot welding is a acceptable for replacement parts as long as the proper number of welds is used in the repair. For replacement part welding locations, refer to ‘‘Replacement'' in this manual. If spot welding does not provide acceptable repairs, plug the welds using an MIG welder.