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Front Bulkhead Installation

  • Welding symbols
    : 2-Plate spot welding
    : 3-Plate spot welding
    : 4-Plate spot welding
    : MIG plug welding
    : MIG welding
    L= Welding length Unit: mm (in.)
  • ( ): The number of welds
  1. Set the new bulkhead parts, and measure the front compartment diagonally.
  1. Check the body dimensions.
  1. Tack weld the new parts into position.
  1. Temporarily install the front fender, the hood, and the door, then check for differences in level and clearance. Check the external parts fitting position. If necessary, check the headlight and the front bumper positions. Make sure the body lines flow smoothly.
  1. Do the main welding.
    • Weld the front side frame (A) and the bulkhead side stay (B).
    • Weld the bulkhead lower cross-member (C) to the wheelhouse lower member (D), the bulkhead side stay, and the lower cross-member stiffener (E).
  1. Install the bulkhead upper frame (A).