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Roof Panel Installation

  • Welding symbols
    : 2-Plate spot welding
    : 3-Plate spot welding
    : 4-Plate spot welding
    : MIG plug welding
    : MIG welding
    L= Welding length Unit: mm (in.)
  • ( ): The number of welds
  1. Clamp the new roof panel.
  1. Check the body dimensions.
  1. Tack weld the front and rear corner edge of the roof panel.
  1. Temporarily install the roof molding, the windshield, the tailgate and the door, then check for differences in level and clearance.
    Check the external parts fitting position. Make sure the body lines flow smoothly.
  1. Do the main welding.
    • From inside the vehicle, weld the front roof rail (A) and the inner upper extension (B).
    • Fix the rear roof rail (C) with the mounting bolts (D).
    • Weld the front, rear, and side flange of the roof panel (E).
    • The roof area must be free of burrs and/or sharp edges to prevent damage to the side curtain airbag during deployment.