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Clutch Master Cylinder Overhaul

Exploded View
  • Refer to the Exploded View, as needed during this procedure.
  • Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle; it may damage the paint or plastic. If brake fluid does contact the paint or plastic, wash it off immediately with water.
  • Clean all parts in brake fluid and air dry; blow out all passages with compressed air.
  • Before reassembling, check that all part are free of dust and other foreign particles.
  • Replace parts with new ones whenever specified to do so.
  • Make sure no dirt or other foreign matter is allowed to contaminate the brake fluid.
  • Do not reuse the drained fluid. Use only clean genuine Honda DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid.
  1. Pry the circlip off the clutch master cylinder.
  1. Remove the pushrod with the stopper plate and the york.

  1. Carefully remove the piston by applying air pressure through the clutch line hole.

  1. Remove the piston assembly (A), the connector (B), and the O-ring (C).
  1. Apply the rubber grease to the piston, and slide the piston assembly into the clutch master cylinder, then install the pushrod with the stopper plate, and the circlip in the groove of the clutch master cylinder while pushing the piston.
  1. Install the connector with a new O-ring.
  1. Connect the clutch line connector and the reservoir hose to the master cylinder, then install the clutch master cylinder.