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Vehicle moves in D, D3, S, 1, and R, but not in 2, or in 2nd in S

Probable cause(s)
  1. 2nd accumulator defective
  2. 2nd gears worn or damaged
  3. 2nd clutch defective
  • Check the 2nd clutch pressure.
  • Inspect the 2nd accumulator piston, O-ring, and spring for wear and damaged in the servo body.
  • Inspect the countershaft, secondary shaft, and 2nd clutch for wear and damage.
  • Inspect the clutch piston, clutch piston check valve, and O-rings. Check the spring retainer for wear and damage. Inspect the clearance between the clutch end-plate and the top disc. If the clearance is out of tolerance, inspect the clutch discs and plates for wear and damage, and inspect the clutch wave-plate height. If the discs and plates are worn or damaged, replace them as a set. If the wave-plate height is out of tolerance, replace the wave-plate. If they are OK, adjust the clearance with the clutch end-plate.
  • Inspect the 2nd clutch feed pipe. If the 2nd clutch feed pipe is scored, replace the end cover.
  • Replace the secondary shaft if the bushing for the 2nd clutch feed pipe is loose or damaged.