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Vehicle moves in D, D3, S, 2, and 1, but not in R

Probable cause(s)
  1. Shift solenoid valve D defective
  2. Shift fork shaft stuck
  3. Shift valve D defective
  4. 5th/reverse accumulator defective
  5. 5th clutch defective
  6. Reverse gears worn or damaged
  • Check for a stored DTC, and check for loose connections.
  • Test the shift solenoid valve function with the HDS.
  • Inspect the O-rings, and check the shift solenoid valve for seizure.
  • Check the 5th clutch pressure.
  • Check for a missing shift fork bolt on the shift fork shaft.
  • Inspect the servo valve O-ring.
  • Check the shift fork shaft detent for wear and damage.
  • Inspect the 5th accumulator piston, O-ring, and spring for wear and damage in the servo body.
  • Inspect the mainshaft and 5th clutch for wear and damage.
  • Inspect the clutch piston, clutch piston check valve, and O-rings. Check the spring retainer for wear and damage. Inspect the clearance between the clutch end-plate and the top disc. If the clearance is out of tolerance, inspect the clutch discs and plates for wear and damage, and inspect the clutch wave-plate height. If the discs and plates are worn or damaged, replace them as a set. If the wave-plate height is out of tolerance, replace the wave-plate. If they are OK, adjust the clearance with the clutch end-plate.
  • Inspect the reverse selector gear teeth chamfers, and inspect the engagement teeth chamfers of the countershaft 5th gear and reverse gear. Replace the reverse gears and the reverse selector if they are worn or damaged. If the transmission makes a clicking, grinding, or whirring noise, also replace the mainshaft 5th gear, reverse idler gear, and countershaft 5th gear.