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Poor acceleration; flares when starting off in D, D3, S, 2, 1, and R; stall speed high in D, D3, S, 2, and 1

Probable cause(s)
  1. Low ATF level
  2. Shift cable broken or out of adjustment
  3. ATF pump worn or binding
  4. Regulator valve stuck or spring worn
  5. ATF strainer clogged
  6. Torque converter check valve defective
  • Check the line pressure.
  • Check the ATF level and check the ATF lines for leakage and loose connections. If necessary, clean the ATF lines.
  • Check for a loose shift cable at the shift lever and the transmission control lever.
  • Improper alignment of ATF pump and torque converter housing may cause the ATF pump to seize. The symptoms are mostly an rpm-related ticking noise or a high pitched squeak.
  • Check the ATF strainer for debris. If the strainer is clogged, find the damaged components that caused the debris. If no cause for contamination is found, replace the torque converter.
  • Inspect the differential pinion gears for wear. If the differential pinion gears are worn, replace the differential assembly, replace the ATF strainer, thoroughly clean the transmission, and clean the ATF cooler and ATF lines.
  • Check the torque converter check valve in the main valve body for free movement, and check the valve spring for wear and damage.