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Engine idle vibration

Probable cause(s)
  1. Low ATF level
  2. Shift solenoid valve D defective
  3. Drive plate defective or transmission misassembled
  4. Engine output low
  5. Torque converter clutch piston defective
  6. ATF pump worn or damaged
  7. Lock-up shift valve defective
  8. Misassembled engine or transmission mount
  • Check the ATF level and check the ATF lines for leakage and loose connections. If necessary, clean the ATF lines.
  • Check for a stored DTC, and check for loose connections.
  • Test the shift solenoid valve function with the HDS.
  • Inspect the O-rings, and check the shift solenoid valve for seizure.
  • Check for a misinstalled/damaged drive plate, replace the drive plate if it is worn or damaged.
  • Check the engine control system.
  • Replace the torque converter assembly.
  • Check the line pressure.
  • Improper alignment of ATF pump and torque converter housing may cause the ATF pump to seize. The symptoms are mostly an rpm-related ticking noise or a high pitched squeak.
  • Check the lock-up shift valve in the regulator valve body for free movement, and check the valve spring for wear and damage.
  • Adjust the transmission and engine mounts.