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Noise from transmission in all shift lever positions

Probable cause(s)
  1. ATF pump worn or damaged
  2. Mainshaft bearing, countershaft bearing, or secondary shaft bearing defective
  • Check the line pressure.
  • Improper alignment of ATF pump and torque converter housing may cause the ATF pump to seize. The symptoms are mostly an rpm-related ticking noise or a high pitched squeak.
  • Be careful not to damage the torque converter housing when replacing the main ball bearing. Not torquing the valve body to specification could also damage the ATF pump. This could cause the pump to seize.
  • Install the main seal flush with the torque converter housing when replacing the main seal. If you push it into the torque converter housing until it bottoms out, it will block the fluid return passage and result in damage.
  • Inspect the mainshaft, countershaft, and secondary shaft bearing for wear and damage.