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A/T Housing and Shaft Assembly Removal

Special Tools Required

Housing puller
  1. Remove the Dipstick (A).
  1. Remove the shift solenoid valve cover (B), dowel pins (C), and gasket (D).
  1. Disconnect the connectors from the shift solenoid valves, and remove the solenoid harness connector (E).
  1. Remove the transmission housing mounting bolts (F) (19).

  1. Align the spring pin (A) on the selector control shaft (B) with the transmission housing groove (C) by turning the control shaft with the detent plate.
    NOTE: Do not squeeze the end of the selector control shaft tips together when turning the control shaft.
  1. Install the special tool over the mainshaft, then remove the transmission housing, dowel pins, and gasket.
    NOTE: If the top arm of your housing puller is too short, replace it with housing puller arm, 205 mm 07SAC-P0Z0101.
  1. Remove the countershaft reverse gear and needle bearing.
  1. Remove the lock bolt securing the shift fork, then remove the shift fork with the reverse selector together.

  1. Remove the mainshaft subassembly (A), the countershaft subassembly (B), and the secondary shaft subassembly (C) together.
    If the reverse selector hub is removed by hand, remove the 4th-5th gear and needle bearings, and remove the mainshaft subassembly, then the countershaft subassembly and secondary shaft subassembly together.
  1. Remove the baffle plate.
  1. Remove the differential assembly.