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A/T Differential Carrier Bearing Outer Race Replacement

Special Tools Required

Driver handle 15 x 135L

Driver attachment, 78 x 90 mm

Driver attachment, 72 x 75 mm
  • Replace the bearing with a new one whenever the outer race is replaced.
  • Do not use shim(s) on the toque converter housing side.
  • Adjust the preload after replacing the bearing and the outer race.
  • Coat all parts with ATF during installation.
  1. Remove the bearing outer race (A), 76.2 mm spacer (B), and 76 mm thrust shim (C) from the transmission housing (D) by heating the housing to about 100 °C (212 °F) with a heat gun (E). Do not heat the housing more than 100 °C (212 °F).

  1. Install the 76 mm thrust shim (A), 76.2 mm spacer (B), and outer race (C) in the transmission housing (D).

  1. Using the special tools, drive the outer race securely in the housing so there is no clearance between the outer race, spacer, shim, and housing.

  1. Remove the bearing outer race (A) and 80 mm spacer (B) from the torque converter housing (C).
  1. Install the spacer and the new outer race in the torque converter housing.

  1. Drive the bearing outer race securely in the housing with the special tools.