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Fuel Pressure Test

Special Tools Required

Fuel gauge assy. 600 kPa

Fuel pressure gauge attachment set

Fuel attachment C hose

Fuel attachment C joint
  1. Disconnect the quick-connect fitting. Attach the fuel pressure gauge set and the fuel gauge assy.
  1. Start the engine, and let it idle.
    • If the engine starts, go to Step 5 .
    • If the engine does not start, go to Step 4 .
  1. Check to see if the fuel pump is running: Listen to the fuel filler port with the fuel fill cap removed. The fuel pump should run for 2 seconds when the ignition switch is first turned on.
  1. Read the fuel pressure gauge. The pressure should be 380−430 kPa (3.9−4.4 kgf/cm 2 , 55−63 psi).