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Alternator FR Signal Circuit Troubleshooting

  1. Start the engine, and let it idle.
  1. Monitor the ALTERNATOR in the DATA LIST with the HDS.
  1. Check if the indicated percentage varies when the headlight switch is turned on.
Does the percentage vary?
The alternator signal circuit is OK.■
NO -
Go to Step 4 .
  1. Turn the headlight switch off and the ignition switch to LOCK (0).
  1. Jump the SCS line with the HDS.
  1. Disconnect the alternator 4P connector.
  1. Disconnect ECM/PCM connector B (49P).
  1. Check for continuity between body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminal B47.
Is there continuity?
Repair short in the wire between the ECM/PCM (B47) and the alternator.■
NO -