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M/T Assembly Removal

Special Tools Required

Engine support hanger
NOTE: Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces.
  1. Secure the hood in the wide open position (support rod in the lower hole).
  1. Remove the air cleaner stay.

  1. Remove the battery base bolts (A), loosen the two bolts (B), remove the battery harness clamp (C) and the bracket bolt (D) then remove the battery base (E).

  1. Remove the clutch hose bracket (A) and the slave cylinder (B). Remove the clutch line from the clip (C), then carefully move the slave cylinder out of the way to avoid bending the clutch line.
    • Do not disconnect the clutch line joints.
    • Do not press the clutch pedal after the slave cylinder has been removed.

  1. Disconnect the back-up light switch connector (A), then remove the harness clip (B).

  1. Remove the lock pins (A), shift cable bracket bolts (B), and harness clip (C), then disconnect the shift cables (D), from the change lever assembly (E). Carefully remove both cables and the shift cable bracket (F) together to avoid bending the cables.

  1. Disconnect the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) connector.

  1. Remove the purge control SOL.V. hose (A). Install the hanger plate (B) to the bolt hole (C) at the air cleaner housing mounting bracket with the 8 x 1.25 mm bolt.

  1. Install the engine support hanger (A) with the hook (B) to the vehicle. Tighten the wing nut (C) by hand, and lift and support the engine.

  1. Remove the one upper transmission mounting bolt.

  1. Remove the ground cable (A), transmission mount nuts (B), and transmission mount bolt (C), from the transmission bracket (D).
  1. Raise the vehicle on a lift, and make sure it is securely supported.

  1. Remove the heat cover.

  1. Remove the clutch case cover.
  1. Securely support the transmission with a transmission jack.

  1. Remove the torque rod.

  1. Remove the torque rod bracket.

  1. Remove the lower transmission mounting bolts.
  1. Pull the transmission away from the engine until the transmission mainshaft clears the clutch pressure plate.
  1. Slowly lower the transmission. Check once again that all hoses and electrical wiring are disconnected and free from the transmission then lower it completely. Remove the two dowel pins.