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Audio System Error Codes

The audio system displays error codes when a problem is detected with the disc player or the disc.

CD Error Codes

Error Code Displayed
Possible Cause
Track/File format not supported.
Current track will skipped. The next supported track or file plays automatically.
  • Verify that CD file names end in CDA.
  • Verify that CD-R or CD-RW with compressed music formats end in MP3 or WMA.
  • Other file formats like i-Tunes (AAC) or Ogg are not recognized.
  • WMA files may have (DRM) copy protection and cannot be read.
  • CD label jammed in the mechanism.
  • The wrong type disc is inserted.
  • CD eject mechanism or motor is inoperative.
  • CD spindle motor won′t spin up the CD.
  • Eject CD and insert a known-good CD.
  • If flashing the PUSH EJECT, press the EJECT button and hold it for 5 seconds. If the disc does not eject, try again. If the disc still won′t eject, replace the unit.
Disc player is hot. This error can happen if the vehicle is parked out in the hot sun all day.
Park the vehicle in a cooler place for a while and play the disc again. If the error code is still present, try another disc. If the error code is still present, replace the audio unit.