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Glass Roof Sunshade Opening Drag Check

  1. Operate the sunshade switch to open the sunshade until a spring scale (B) can be set to the sunshade plate A (about 100 mm (0.39 in.)).
  1. With a shop towel (C) on the leading edge of the sunshade plate A, attach a spring scale as shown.
  1. Pull the spring scale rearward and read the load when the sunshade starts to move.
    Moving load:
    Standard value 53.9 N·m (5.5 kgf·m) or less

  1. When the moving load is more than the standard value, check the sunshade plate A, B, and C for poor connection or for drag with the headliner or the roof seal. If no fault, check the motor. If necessary, remove the sunshade frame and check the sliding part for damage.
  1. Reset the sunshade control unit after reinstalling the sunshade motor.